Things to Do with "park"

Go to the park and find a dog turd. Smell it. Now take a selfie with the dog turd.

Follow a family in an amusement park all day and be in the background of all their pictures.

Sit on a park bench and laugh at nothing see how many people look.

Go to the nearest park and pretend your on the top of the world!

Go to the park and show off your dance moves.

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Run around a national park or a public place pretending to be a gorilla.

Dance freely in a park and see if people try to dance with you see how many people dance with you.

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Follow someone around at some tourist location or amusement park and be in the background of all of their pictures without them noticing.

Sit on a park bench and stare at people creepily when they walk by.

Go to a park and instead of throwing bread a ducks through it a people.