Things to Do with "open"

Get some glad wrap and cover an open door and wait for someone to walk into it.

You open this app.

Put tape on the doorway at someones height and wait for that person to open the door and run into it and then proceed to wrap them in tape.

Cut open glow sticks and dump them into bubble solution to make glow in the dark bubbles.

See how long you can open your eyes without blinking.

Shake a soda and give it to your friend when they open it the soda will explode.

Zip-tie a febrezee bottle open and put it in someone's room.

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Draw faces on the eggs in the fridge and then watch your mum open the egg carton.

In school, pretend to faint but have your eyes open a tiny bit then watch the rwactions.

Go in an elevator and then make peek-a-boo sounds when the doors open and close.


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