These Are Thoughts

1) Everything in the world has a name or title.

2) The last human on earth sat alone in his house and then there was a knock at the door.

3) Potatoes are vegetables.

4) I'm trapped in the quote factory. SEND HELP!!!

5) I always thought "prima donna" was "pre-Madonna", as in, thinking they will be the next Madonna. Whatever, it's still the same definition either way.

6) Everyone thinks the same thing but everyone thinks everyone thinks the opposite.

7) What if every life that ever existed is lived by a single soul that exists outside of time with no memory of the life before, (bear with me) this means that everyone (being one soul) has experienced every death in history and this was typed by you.

8) I know something that's faster than light! Its time. If light went faster than time then the light would time travel. It does not, therefore time is faster than light. - AnonymousChicken91

9) The oldest person on earth has been alive for every birthday of every person in the world.

10) That awkward moment when you say a joke and you're the only person who understood it.