Make an Ice cream Sunday then proceed to text the ingredients to everyone in your contact list at exactly 7:11 in the morning.

The next time someone texts you "lol" text them back saying "Did you actually laugh out loud or are you just messing with me?"

Try to text your best friend upside down.

Song text prank your friend.

Spam your friend's phone and when they respond text them "Oh I didn't know someone actually got these. I don't know how these cell phone du-dads work. Better results: Record yourself saying it in your best grandma voice.

Call your friend and when they answer hang up then text them why did you hang up.

Text someone that you know responds quickly and say: "I'll text you when I find my phone!"

Try to cross your eyes, and then move them in different directions. Once you get it down, take a picture/video of you doing it and then text it to someone with the message, "Is there something wrong with my eyes?"

Find out John Cena's phone number and text him "and his name is john cena" in all caps, or even better call him. At 2 in the morning.

Put your phone on vibrate, tell your friend to spam text you, place your phone under your feet, and enjoy a free foot massage.

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