Funny Prank Ideas

1) Order a pizza over the phone and send it to a friends house.

2) On New Years Eve at 11: 55 order a pizza then at 12:01, New Year's day, call and complain I ordered this last year!

3) Go to a stranger and say you are the chosen one come with me and see the reaction.

4) In a public place, pretend to call someone and tell them you lost your phone.

5) Walk around in public asking people have you seen my pet ant.

6) Lay on the floor in a crowded room and yell if you listen closely you can hear china.

7) Press all the buttons in a crowded elevator and walk out.

8) In a public bathroom, while someone's in there, ball up toilet paper and throw it over the stall.

9) Look really scared and back away pointing at something behind someone and run away screaming.

10) When someone calls speak a different language.