Funny Prank Ideas

1) Bring a stuffed animal to a public place and every now and then look at it and yell, "DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, CLARENCE!!"

2) In an elevator, have a fake cork-gun. Fill it with Skittles and when someone walks in say, "Don't make me make you taste the....RAINBOW...."

3) In a Call of Duty lobby, sing "Wrecking Ball" as loud as you can and see how many people quit the game.

4) Go to Burger King and order something. Use the drive through. Without a car.

5) Put "Out of Order" signs on all the bathroom stalls at a public place.

6) Wear cat ears and climb a tree, then tell passing people to call the fire department.

7) Keep calling your friends name and say can i speak to you in private when they decide to come whisper really softly and say 'hi'.

8) In public, smile at the ground.

9) Walk out of a public bathroom like you just had the best nap ever.

10) Cos-play as your favorite character and walk around in a public place.