Best Things to Do with "prank"

Go to and prank your friends into thinking they have a twin.

Do a lyric text prank (if you don't know what that is look it up on YouTube).

Walk into a supermarket playing some music and when the beat drops everyone that is playing the prank falls over acting "dead".

Song text prank your friend.

Go to 5 below and get snappy gum and prank people with it (take the foam of and they will freak out).

Do a lyric text prank with a love song to your crush or bff.

If you have a sibling (preferably younger) prank them by switching their clothes to your closet and yours to their closet. Watch the giggles unfold🙃.

What to do when your Bored? You can watch a movie, go outside if you can, try a new hairstyle, cook something, go shopping,go swimming, prank someone, renew clothes, watch YouTube videos, try your roasting skills!, and have fun!!😜

Sorry, nothing left to see here at the moment.

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