Things to Do with "movie"

Whatch a movie and stuff your face with sweets!

Walk In A Movie Theater Sit Down Next To Someone And Start Eating Their Popcorn Loudly.

Go see a movie and lick gummy bears to make them sticky enough to throw at the projector.

Attempt to build a Double Decker Couch like from the Lego Movie XD.

Put a helium balloon in your bag and go to the movies. Let it go as soon as the movie starts.

Go to a scary movie at the cinema and laugh at all the scary parts.

Get popcorn at a movie and sit at the top row, then during the movie throw the popcorn in the rows in front of you.

Make a stupid movie with some friends.

Watch a blank TV screen and invite people to watch the movie with you.

Have someone watch a horror movie and at the same night jump into their room dressed as a clown.

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