Things to Do with "movie"

1) Make a loud fart noise in a movie theater and egg it on your friend.

2) Have someone watch a horror movie and at the same night jump into their room dressed as a clown.

3) Go to a scary movie at the cinema and laugh at all the scary parts.

4) Throw m&ms at bald guys heads in the movie theaters!! .

5) When you are in the bathroom, sing let it go from the movie frozen to your hearts content.

6) Make a stupid movie with some friends.

7) Get popcorn at a movie and sit at the top row, then during the movie throw the popcorn in the rows in front of you.

8) Watch a blank TV screen and invite people to watch the movie with you.

9) Go to a horror movie about a clown and then at a very scary part put on a clown suit and jump out.

10) Got to a scary movie with an air horn and beep it loud as you can.