Things to Do with "jump"

I Don't Care Whut Time Of Day It Is... Just put your PJs on, jump into bed and jus–. 😴😴😴😴

Make a huge hill of pillows then jump into them like your sky diving.

Go to Walmart, jump in the ball holder (while someone is looking) then walk away like nothing happened.

Roll yourself up in a yoga mat,tie a jump rope around it and try to escape.

Late at night, dress up as slender man and hide in an alley, when people walk by, jump out at them and if they run, chase them.

Run around in a mall jumping over things wearing a mario costume. Throw coins at people yelling "LETS A GO ITS A ME MARIO" and jump around as you do so with one hand up in the air making a fist once in a while as if mario is breaking a mystery box. [By: hannah]

Go into an elevator wait till its full than jump and yell "we're falling!".

Put a dollar on the street next to a bush. Hide behind the bush where no one can see you, and make sure you have an airhorn or something loud. When someone finds the dollar and is about to pick it up, quickly jump out and use the airhorn. See how they react.

Move all your furniture around so you can jump on them across your house, pretending the floor is lava.

Go into an elevator with your friend and press all the buttons jump out and leave them in there.

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