Act like spider man and jump from furniture to furniture but don.

Roll yourself up in a yoga mat,tie a jump rope around it and try to escape.

Sleep on a trampoline (good part is if you get bored you can jump around)!

Make a toilet paper fort in Walmart and whenever someone comes by jump out and say "what year is it?" Or "did you know you could go to na

When in Wal-Mart (or any store) hide in any clothes rack and say "Pick me!" In different pitches of voice. If they get clothes from the rack jump out and run as.if you've found a murderer of something idk HELP

Go to a furniture store and jump on all the beds.

Spin in a circle for 3 minutes cross-eyed, then run out in the street and try to jump someone.

Go to Walmart, jump in the ball holder (while someone is looking) then walk away like nothing happened.

I Don't Care Whut Time Of Day It Is... Just put your PJs on, jump into bed and jus–. 😴😴😴😴

Dress up as a skeleton in someone's closet with maracas. When someone walks in, shake the maracas and jump out. Wait to see what they do.

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