Things to Do with "jump"

1) Go to a store and hide in one of the closet thngies, then when someone walks by, jump out and shout "I'm back from Narnia!"

2) Hide in a box and leave it a little bit OPEN then when someone comes jump out! (IT'LL BE SO FUNNY)

3) Make a toilet paper fort in Walmart and whenever someone comes by jump out and say "what year is it?" Or "did you know you could go to na

4) Cut two holes in a popcorn bag, put it on your head and start jump scaring people.(in a cinema of course)

5) Spin around for thirty seconds then jump up and down see if you can do it.

6) Make a huge hill of pillows then jump into them like your sky diving.

7) Stand in a shop window like a dummy and when someone comes along jump out at them.

8) Put trash bags all over you and curl up in a ball next to trash bags jump out when people walk by.

9) Roll yourself up in a yoga mat,tie a jump rope around it and try to escape.

10) Spin in a circle for 3 minutes cross-eyed, then run out in the street and try to jump someone.