Things to Do with "h"

Get on your back and push yourself on a hardwood floor and when someone notices yell,"I'm a ninja!"

Randomly count how much shirts you have.

Go on YouTube and go to the video "Cooking by the Book but Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, and Stingy Can't Keep Their Voices Down." Turn up the volume as high as it can go, click "play," and run to another room.

Go out with your best friend, when he or she goes into a shop, try to sell them to someone.

Have someone watch a horror movie and at the same night jump into their room dressed as a clown.

Go up to a worker at any store and wish them a Happy Bellybutton Appreciation day.

If you have an empty mayo jar, fill it with yogurt and walk out in front of your fiends eating out of it. 😂

Threaten someone with a hairbrush...with a deadly serious expression on your face.

Literally put on ALL of your clothes and waddle like a penguin out of your house. Watch people's reactions

Make a serious conversation with your cat/dog. Make sure it actually has a meaning.

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