Things to Do with "h"

1) Sure, hundreds of people walk this sidewalk daily but this subway grate will most definitely collapse under ME.

2) If body fat could be donated, the world would be such a better place.

3) When my microwave is about to go off, I frantically rush over to it and open the door like defusing a bomb.

4) I was brought here by V-Sauce.

5) When someone responds "interesting" to something you've said, chances are they're probably not actually all that interested.

6) Buy an ice cream on a cone, then go into a supermarket, pretend you are in love with it and that you enjoy it so much then when everybody is looking you throw the ice cream in the bin.

7) Write "turn over" on both sides of a paper and hand it to someone really stupid.

8) This place lets me know that I'm not crazy and that everyone isn't just a dream.

10) Go to Walmart and give high fives to everyone.