Try to find a secret room that you have never seen and wear some mighty clothes for your search of the secret room!

Smile creepily with your head tilted and walk up and down on the same block.

Sit in a car with black hair dryer pointing out and see how many car would slow down.

Watch FNAF MMD Compilation vids. They're HILARIOUS!!

Get a old shirt and get 2 people and put their both of their arms through the arm holes and get 1 more persons head in the head hole and walk around.

Hide behind a bush and throw bananas at every one who happens to walk by!

Go to a fancy hotel with the spinning doors and ride around in them.

When a telemarketer calls, answer the phone and say in a weird accent, "Hello, Dominoes, yes I would like to order a large anchovy pizza with extra anchovies, hold the cheese." Then hang up.

If you have a family maker that drives you crazy when they are asleep get some whip cream and get a feather and rub the feather on them and put the whip cream on their hand and it will make them itch their nose and the whip cream will get on their nose.

Go in a public bathroom make a loud straining noise pretending your pooping then drop something heavy in the toilet and so a sigh of relief.

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