Fun Things to Do with a Friend

1) Put a walk talkie behind a banana and when people walk by talk into it (make sure they her your friend talking back) the.

2) Tell your friend that you will give them $100 dollars if they run outside in their underwear but have your fingers crossed.

3) Invite your friend to spend the night then hide her pants.

4) Walk a friend around on a leash in the park.

5) Get a sprite bottle fill it up with salty water and give it to your friend see their face.

6) Leapfrog your best friend from one side of a shopping centre to the other.

7) Fill a hat with slips of paper with fun and goofy activities. Invite a friend over and pic out of the hat and do what it says!

8) Have a nice conversation with your friend at the mall and every time someone looks at you stare furiously at them.

9) Go into the store and act like your lost, then pretend to faint, get your friend to help you.

10) Have a friend sleep over. Wake up before your friend, put your face really close to theirs, open your eyes really widely, until they wake up.