Best Things to Do with "h"

If a picture is worth 1000 words just hand in a picture for school project.

Hide Bluetooth speakers in someone's room and play nyan cat 100 hours. See how long it takes them to flip out.

Every day you visit your friend's house, move the furniture in one room to the left/right about one inch at a time. See how long it takes your friend to notice.

Draw a target on a fridge (with washable marker) then have a javelin throwing contest with plungers!

Talk to yourself in the mirror. And watch how stupid you look like.

Stand in a doorway and push hands on each side of the doorway as hard as you can for 30 seconds the result is weird.

Make a documentry about how much your life sucks.

Visit a kid with cancer at the Hospital, and do anything you can to help them.

Tie A LOT of balloons to look like a cape or peacock feathers. (Helium or no helium depending on whether you want them to float) and walk around with a straight face wondering what people are looking at.

Try to hum with your nose plugged.

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