Things to Do with "h"

Laugh like a deranged lunatic, wait until someone stares at you, stop laughing and walk away like nothing happened.

Put a bow that looks so much like a tank ( with spray paint of course ) and attach it to your car and go off-road with it in a popular off-road track. Make sure that 4wd is on and that it is a 4wd because you don't want to get bogged in front of a giant croud when you look like a card-board tank. Use your phone/tablet to make authentic tank noises and see how many people look at you weirdly.

Draw a target on a fridge (with washable marker) then have a javelin throwing contest with plungers!

Go to a grocery store and yell I'm rich and throw Monopoly money everywhere. Look around to see how many stares you get.

Search up questions that you have been dying to know, but haven't had time to search up, like "Why is the Sky blue?"

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While in a room with a bunch of people, yell "TRUMPS COMING!" it's a new challenge and it's hilarious!

Hide behind a bush with a loud horn of any kind, and when people walk by, honk it.

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Watch a little kid show and see how long you can last without leaving.

Watch how annoyed people get when you end each sentence with "Yo".

Go to a park. Sit in a bench next to a stranger. Give him an envelope with a pic Kenny from South Park inside. Say "Make it look like it was an accident". Walk away.