Things to Do with "h"

._. when online always put ._. or .-. in your sentence. People think youre annoyed or bored and its hilarious to watch them try to fix a mistake they didnt make. ._.

Go walk the entire mall pretending to have a conversation with some flowers.

Draw a really bad drawing of a fish and write missing. Go in McDonalds crying and give the cashier the paper. Its hilarious -CC

Take selfies with unappealing objects in your house.

Build a huge fort with a friend or sibling.

Pretend to listen to music with your headphones but don't listen to anything, and then spy on people.

Occasionally dab in public and see how many people stare at you or watch you.

Submit one of your own things to do:

Go in a public bathroom make a loud straining noise pretending your pooping then drop something heavy in the toilet and so a sigh of relief.

Order your Starbucks with the name Lord Voldemort. See if the baristas have hp knoweledge ;)

Find toys that you do not play with (if you are a kid) and give them to children in the hospital!!!!


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