Things to Do with "h"

Occasionally dab in public and see how many people stare at you or watch you.

Go to a store, and yell out," MY MONKEY IS LOOSE!" Then watch the reactions, they are hilarious

Every day you visit your friend's house, move the furniture in one room to the left/right about one inch at a time. See how long it takes your friend to notice.

Shake up a soda can, hit it with a hammer 1 time and then throw it on the ground to make a soda bomb.

Go through an old yearbook and see how weird everyone looked.

Laugh for no entire reason see how many people will look at you.

Go into the middle of the high street and point up in the air and see how many people look up .

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Hold a stick with another person and see how long you both can hold it.

Order your Starbucks with the name Lord Voldemort. See if the baristas have hp knoweledge ;)

Get wipped cream and when a person is sleeping put it on their hands and tickle them and they will end up SLAPPING themselves with the whipped cream.


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