Things to Do with "friend"

Put on all the gear you have (rist guards, knee pads, helmet, etc) and take a long stick. Chase a family member or friend and see how they react. 😂😂😂

Go to Chick Fil A in a chicken costume and get mad at people for eating your friend Bob.

Tape pillows on your body and pretend to sumo wrestle with your friend in your front yard.

Get a bucket of hot or cold water and dump it on an unexpected friend or sibling.

FaceTime your best friend to be like hey girl aren't you over here.

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15 Things to Do with Friends
Ideas that are great for 3-5 people with nothing to do.

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See how many times you and you're friend can switch seats without the teacher noticing.

Show a screenshot from a show to friend who doesn't know the show and make them describe what's happening.

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Follow a a friend or family member around and spray everything they touch with disinfectant.

Walk up to your friend with a block of cheese and lick it very slowly then run away.

Glue your friend's phone case on a table and put your friend's phone in it..... watch your friend trying to pick it up.