Things to Do with "friend"

Text your friend at exactly 12:01am,"GOOD MORNING".

Shake a soda and give it to your friend when they open it the soda will explode.

Look at your best friend and just laugh. I almost guarantee that they will laugh too.

When you're in class, switch seats with a friend whenever the teacher turns around.

Text your friend if you can come over.

See how many times you and you're friend can switch seats without the teacher noticing.

Every day you visit your friend's house, move the furniture in one room to the left/right about one inch at a time. See how long it takes your friend to notice.

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Text a friend in the middle of the night "coming over now be there in 5 minutes" then wait for a response.

If your friend likes to take pictures take a blue sharpie marker and color the lense.

Prank a friend by texting them song lyrics until they figure it out. This trend is on YouTube. Search on youtube : song lyric texting prank


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