Things to Do with "eyes"

When you are eating and everyone is there sit their and do nothing with your eyes locked on a person and try not to do anything else.

Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge, (without anyone knowing of course) and watch as someone opens it.

In school, pretend to faint but have your eyes open a tiny bit then watch the rwactions.

Draw with your eyes closed for 30 seconds, see what you create.

See how long you can open your eyes without blinking.

Try to type your name with your eyes closed...then type it again, but backwards!

Stare into someone's eyes and creep them out.

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Have a friend sleep over. Wake up before your friend, put your face really close to theirs, open your eyes really widely, until they wake up.

Close your eyes and try to draw something.

Stare at a person with your eyes looking huge, and when they notice, yell "Gerald it's really you!"


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