Things to Do with "door"

If someone knocks at your door knock back and see how long it goes for.

Knock on someones front door then knock on their back door and repeat untill they see you then walk away like nothing happend.

Knock on an someone's door and hand them a pencil. Leave.

Go to your nabors house and ring the door bell and hide in a bush.

Knock on your siblings' door in the middle of summer and ask them if they want to build a snowman.

Tape a party popper to a door and the string onto the wall then wait until someone opens that door.

Knock on someones door and wait for them to answer, When they do just stare at them without blinking.

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Stand in front of the two doors and make a big deal out of picking which door to go through.

Put tape on the doorway at someones height and wait for that person to open the door and run into it and then proceed to wrap them in tape.

Knock on someone's door and run away quickly...... see how many times you can trick them without getting caught.


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