Prank Call Ideas

Call your friend then say STOP CALING then see how they will react lol.

Call anybody and say and don't say anything, when they ask you who this is say "who is this" keep making owl noises.

Call Pizza Hut. Talk about the difficulties of being a vegetarian, then order a pepperoni pizza.

Prank call a friend and say "I can't wait for the peanut butter factory!"

Call a family member or friend and tell them you're busy and can't talk!

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18 Prank Call Ideas
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Call someone and breath into the phone and in a strange voice say " I know what you did yesterday".

Yell " you are a very bad person, you kill innocent animals for your food." Then hang up.

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Call any donut shop and say: "I would like two pepperoni pizzas, hold the pepperoni."

Write your number on a helium filled balloon. Then send it away and see if anyone calls you

At night when a person is walking by, go outside and shout look at these nuts, and dramatically throw peanuts at them.