Prank Call Ideas

Call mcdonalds and ask them the nearest direction to burger king.

When somebody calls you wait to answer and when you pick up pretend you are your voice mail.

Call Walmart and ask if they have a wall.

Call any contact on your list and say "can you call my phone, i cant find it.

Call your mom and tell her that she's really, really nice.

Call a fake number and ask for their phone number and name so you can blank...

During class just fall on the floor overdramatically and then get up like nothing happened.

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Text your friends telling the, to call you and then when they ring you pick up and say "text me" and then hang up. Continue to do so over and over

Call Kmart: ask for the best room number they have then say let me speak to your manager. Hang up

Call Burger King and ask when they got Married to Dairy Queen.


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