Do the next 2 suggestions.

Go into an elevator so there is only 2 of you in there poke the other person and pretend it wasn't u.

Get a jacket and a hanger, hang the jacket and put it somewhere that makes it look like a person 2 scare your parents.

(if you're in school) pick one person, and for the next week, stare at them and wink. when i moved schools 2 guys did it to me & it was so funny!

Get a old shirt and get 2 people and put their both of their arms through the arm holes and get 1 more persons head in the head hole and walk around.

Find out John Cena's phone number and text him "and his name is john cena" in all caps, or even better call him. At 2 in the morning.

Go in a crowd poke 2 people that are faceing the oppisite way from each other see what happens. ;P

Listen to 2 completely different songs at the same time, see what it sounds like.

Call 2 takeout restaurants and hold the phones up to each other.

Sleep at Your Kitchen For 2 days #sleep.

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