Things to Do with "ask"

Call anybody and ask them if they've seen your friend Mike, who is extremely average looking. Describe in detail how incredibly average he is.

Play a game where you ask someone a question about yourself. If they get it wrong, you draw on their face.

Answer the phone and right away ask "how much do you need" in a sketchy voice.

Go to Walmart and ask if they have walls for sale. This will also work for Walgreens. When they look insulted just smile LOL

Stare at someone and when the look back ask them what they're looking at.

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Random Game Button

Go to a big store, pick one person, and follow them until they notice you. When they ask you what you are doing, yell: ITS THE FBI! Then dance and walk away like nothing happened.

Stare at someone and then when they realize it and looking at you back ask them why are they looking at you.

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Text someone and ask "HAVE U SEEN MY PINEAPPLE ANY WHERE!!!!"

Go to a McDonalds and ask "How many cheese burgers will it take to get McDiabetes".

Go up to an information desk at a store. Ask where you can find information about the store. Get your answer: "Here." Say thank you and walk away.