Best Things to Do with "ask"

Text someone and ask "HAVE U SEEN MY PINEAPPLE ANY WHERE!!!!"

Walk around dressed as Santa and loudly ask where your reindeer are.

Go to Walmart and ask if they have walls for sale. This will also work for Walgreens. When they look insulted just smile LOL

Go to walmart and ask "where are the bananas?" dress as a banana for full affect

Fork It!

Walk up to somebody while in the store and get their attention and only wave when they ask want you want wave agin and then walk away. 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆

Hold something in your hand and ask someone where it is.

Go to an Apple Store. Ask if they have bananas too.

Play a game where you ask someone a question about yourself. If they get it wrong, you draw on their face.

25 Cheesy Food Jokes

Go to MacDonalds and ask for a large pizza and two tacos.

Have a staring contest with a tree while in public. Keep losing and then ask the tree, "How do you do it?". Watch the reactions. If this gets old, do it with your reflection. Or a wall. Or anything impossible to beat.

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