Things to Do with "ask"

Go to Walmart and ask if they have walls for sale. This will also work for Walgreens. When they look insulted just smile LOL

Go to Target, and ask for Walmart's adress.

Go to Chick-Fil- A and ask for a hamburger.

Go on to Siri and ask her what 0 divided by 0 is. It's hilarious.

Go to a big store, pick one person, and follow them until they notice you. When they ask you what you are doing, yell: ITS THE FBI! Then dance and walk away like nothing happened.

Text your friend at midnight and ask how to make a PB and J sandwich.

Stare at someone and then when they realize it and looking at you back ask them why are they looking at you.

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Answer the phone and right away ask "how much do you need" in a sketchy voice.

Go to a McDonalds and ask "How many cheese burgers will it take to get McDiabetes".

Hold something in your hand and ask someone where it is.


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