Best Things to Do with "ask"

Walk around dressed as Santa and loudly ask where your reindeer are.

Text someone and ask "HAVE U SEEN MY PINEAPPLE ANY WHERE!!!!"

Play a game where you ask someone a question about yourself. If they get it wrong, you draw on their face.

Go to an Apple Store. Ask if they have bananas too.

Go up to someone and ask if the closest thing to them is theirs.

Hold something in your hand and ask someone where it is.

Text your friend at midnight and ask how to make a PB and J sandwich.

Stare at someone and then when they realize it and looking at you back ask them why are they looking at you.

Go on to Siri and ask her what 0 divided by 0 is. It's hilarious.

Answer the phone and right away ask "how much do you need" in a sketchy voice.

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