6 Weapons That Could Beat Glitter in a Fight

Glitter shows people no mercy. People shouldn't show glitter mercy, either.

  1. Damp paper towels!
    Pros: Will sort of clean other things simultaneously.
    Cons: Easily the most boring option.
  2. Dryer sheets!
    Pros: Softness beats sparkles!
    Cons: Also boring.
  3. Vacuum hose.
    Pros: The power of technology.
    Cons: Will make you look stupid if you try to suck glitter off your face.
  4. Lint roller!
    Pros: People love using lint rollers. If you don't, you're probably a very sad person deep down.
    Cons: People without pets don't usually have lint rollers. Sad times.
  5. Tape!
    Pros: Everybody's got tape.
    Cons: Tape is sticky and will probably betray you at some point throughout the fight.
  6. Balloons! With static!
    Pros: Harness the power of electricity to create glittery balloons.
    Cons: Could pop, which is often really scary for a split second.
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But wait! There's more!

Go up to a person and sing i got the magic inside and then take glitter and throw it up in the air then walk away.

Cover fan blades with glitter and laugh at who ever turns it on.

Get lots of glitter and if someone walks by throw a little glitter on them.

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