21 Things to Do in Costume

  1. Costume: Secret Service Agent
    Thing to Do: Follow random people around.
  2. Costume: Jedi
    Thing to Do: Go to Walmart and use "the Force" to open the doors for everyone.
  3. Costume: Colonial Person
    Thing to Do: Go up to a random stranger, and ask what year it is. When they respond, say, "It worked! My time machine worked!"
  4. Costume: Teddy Bear
    Thing to Do: Go into a store, sit with the stuffed animals, and when someone comes say, "Pick me!"
  5. Costume: Cat
    Thing to Do: Hide in a tree, meow at anyone that passes by and watch their reaction.
  6. Costume: Dinosaur
    Thing to Do: Complain to everyone about how all your friends are dead.
  7. Costume: Chicken
    Thing to Do: Put an egg in your back pocket, and in public take the egg out of your pocket and put it on the ground, and walk away.
  8. Costume: Yoda
    Thing to Do: Follow around joggers saying, "TRAINING YOU MUST HAVE."
  9. Costume: Trash Bag
    Thing to Do: Hide in a pile of trash bags, and scare people that are walking by.
  10. Costumes: Batman and the Joker
    Thing to Do: Run around the city chasing each other.
  11. Costume: Banana
    Thing to Do: Fill a shopping cart with bananas. Proceed to sit in the cart.
  12. Costume: Giant M&M
    Thing to Do: Run through a busy place shouting "THE SKITTLES ARE COMING!"
  13. Costume: Agent
    Thing to Do: Hand some person a briefcase and say "You know Thing to Do with this" and walk off.
  14. Costume: Skeleton
    Thing to Do: Hide in someone's closet with maracas. When someone walks in, shake the maracas and jump out. Wait to see what they do.
  15. Costume: Duck
    Thing to Do: Throw bread at people while saying, "How do you like it???"
  16. Costume: Cactus
    Thing to Do: Hold a sign saying "Free Hugs".
  17. Costume: Waldo
    Thing to Do: Go to a public place and hide behind things.
  18. Costume: Rainbow
    Thing to Do: Give out Skittles.
  19. Costume: Ronald McDonald
    Thing to Do: Eat at Burger King.
  20. Costume: Mario or Luigi
    Thing to Do: Walk up to people asking for Luigi / Mario.
  21. Costumes: Mario and Luigi
    Thing to Do: Throw mushrooms at people while telling them to grow up.
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