16 Funny Movie Theater Prank Ideas

But seriously people, please turn off your cell phone first.

Tape a sign to the door saying "No Popcorn Allowed Beyond This Point".
  • Start screaming when they turn off the lights.
  • During a horror movie, laugh during the scary parts and scream during the not scary parts.
  • Whenever someone is about to kiss, cover someone's eyes.
  • Stand up and clap in a really sad part of a movie.

  • Bring a spray bottle of water. Keep sneezing and spraying the person in front of you.
  • Put a helium balloon in your bag and go to the movies. Let it go as soon as the movie starts.
  • Quote all dialogue five seconds after it's said on screen.
  • Cough during a romantic part of a movie. See how many people snap their heads back and look at you.
  • Yell "THAT'S THE MURDERER!" whenever a new character enters the movie; preferably during romantic comedies.

  • When watching a scary movie, scream at the most scariest parts and throw popcorn everywhere!
  • Go to a horror movies and scream at the parts that aren't scary and laugh at the parts that are.
  • Bring a giant stuffed teddy bear and give it a seat.
  • Yell, "Hey you! With the hair!" and see how many people turn around.
  • Go see a movie and lick gummy bears to make them sticky enough to throw at the projector.
  • If you see someone fall asleep, wake them up and tell them they slept through 8 different movies.

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