15 Things to Do with Friends

Ideas that are great for 3-5 people with nothing to do.

  1. Cover a trampoline in water and soap, then slide around on it.
  2. Go to a restaurant and have everyone order in a different accent.
  3. Have a swivel chair race.
  4. Go into a store and act like spies.
  5. Give all of your friends nicknames describing there personalities.
  6. Go to your friend's house at midnight and make pancakes with them.
  7. Fill up balloons with (hopefully non-toxic) paint and have a war.
  8. Go to a clothing store and have a contest on who can put together the ugliest outfit.
  9. Compare all your friends to animals and decide which each one is.
  10. Wear a blindfold, and do your friend's makeup.
  11. Tie pillows around your stomach and back and have a sumo wrestling tournament.
  12. Dress as Pac-Man, get 4 friends dressed up as ghosts, and play tag in a public place.
  13. Go to a store and buy only three things and see who can creep the cashier out the most with them.
  14. With 3 other people, get some helium and start singing like the chipmunks at random places.
  15. Hang out in an elevator, wait for people, and never get off.

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