Random Things to Do When You're Bored

Go for a walk outside and when you see a bird yell CANNONBALL! and pose as a dog.

Have a water fight, with ICE COLD water (only do this in the summer when it is REALLY hot).

Stare really creepily at any security camera you see.

Go to the zoo and eat chicken right in front of a lion. See what happens.

Become the Best Breakfast Stabber Person Ever

Cut out the bottom of a shoe and put a remote control car in it and chase it around the street at night.

Dance in the middle of Walmart to your favorite song! :D

When you're out driving, stare at people with a smug look at red lights.

Dress up and act like your favourite movie/TV show/book character all day.

18 Prank Call Ideas

Chew a whole pack of gum and then try to sing the ABC's.

When in an elevator, meow occasionally.

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