Things to Do When You're Bored

Give all your friends nicknames 😃.

Stay up all night lots of fun.

Take an envelope write life times savings on the front ,fill it with paper and place it anywhere.

Put a string on a 20 dollar bill and pull it when people try to grab it.

Open the fridge, make a smoothie with the first three things you see. Have someone you hate drink it

Run around a tree then when a car passes by stare at them like a stalker.

Draw faces on all of the food in your fridge....eggs are the easiest but its best if you do ALL the.

Stare at someone and then when they realize it and looking at you back ask them why are they looking at you.

Go to Walmart and get into the big box of teddy bears and talk to people who walk by.

Find a few rocks spray paint them gold and sell them and see how many people buy them.

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