Best Things to Do When You're Bored — Page 2

Visit a kid with cancer at the Hospital, and do anything you can to help them.

Put in walkie talkie in your mailbox and take the other inside. When someone walks by yell really loud, HELP I'M STUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you are wearing socks and slide around the floor like you're ice skating.

Whenever you go to a restaurant order diet water.

Fork It!

Read these when your bored.

Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out.

Go up to a group of people who are talking together and start talking to them as if you were there the whole time.

Annoy Siri. Just do it.

20 Things You Should NOT Do

Whenever someone knocks on a door and you're on the inside, knock back at them. If the door has a window, pretend not to notice them.

If someone tries to touch you (for whatever reason) sing, "Can't touch this" then moonwalk away.

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