Things to Do When You're Bored — Page 2

Fill your mailbox with leaves and wait until the mailman comes.

Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch people attempt to pick it up.

Create your own language.

Do an "underwater" adventure in your bathtub.

Go to a furniture store and lay in the sample beds pretending to be asleep.

Notice that hamburgers are made out of beef not ham.

Go to the middle of a field, close your eyes and run.

Put two marshmallows in the microwave put it on of 1 minute race to see witch one gets the biggest.

When your school restroom is empty, spill water all over the floor and leave notebook wet on the floor with 'tom riddle's diary written inside.

Declare that you're a flying toilet in outer space on national tv. Then hide because you're too ashamed of yourself.

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