Things to Do When You're Bored

Play don't touch the lava by jumping from chair to chair to pillow and so on.

Search up questions that you have been dying to know, but haven't had time to search up, like "Why is the Sky blue?"

Crawl around on all fours, following your dog (our cat) and imitate everything he or she does.

During a conversation respond to everything with bacon until they leave.

Stare at someone for as long as it takes for them to notice you staring at them.

To Do Lists

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Random Game Button

Tape a whole pack of paper together- tape each sheet of paper together.

Fill a bleach can with blue Gatorade and drink it in public or in front of your mom.

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Order your Starbucks with the name Lord Voldemort. See if the baristas have hp knoweledge ;)

When taking a test in class, flip your page REALLY LOUDLY so everyone knows your ahead of them.

Get your neighbors attention, and look at one of the craziest ideas on the site, and then click the check arrow. The reaction is priceless XD